Have you considered what the world was like before television and the internet? How did people imagine the world beyond their familiar environment?

A deep voice speaking from afar .. narrating the story of your childhood that you did not see .. but now you can see all its details through this melodious voice .. with family music accompanying his/her voice .. each melody draws a new line in this visual story .. This is the world of audio drama.

Voice, ears, and imagination, a triangle that transports you to a parallel world with its unique details that you will not see anywhere else .. a knock on the doors .. a baby crying .. feet moving in tension .. and breaths rising in anxiety.

All these images made this project a dream we want to achieve on the ground, in light of the technological capabilities that allow it to be made in a faster and easier way.

We preferred in this project to rely on the imagination of the recipient. To explore together this creative world through new and young experiences, reviving the Egyptian radio heritage and developing the skills of school students who have a passion for this world of audio drama.

Through audio drama, we can present one story in more than one way, to more than one audience, for a few minutes or hours, all of your senses stop except for your hearing one, so you can see, taste and touch through sound.

Today, the podcast has become a platform for many around the world to present their creative stories. Your phone is enough … what’s important is your idea.

Through this project, we wanted to get closer to the techniques of creating audio drama, to learn it professionally, and to establish a project that offers knowledge through a creative medium, that some thought had become extinct.

About the Project

Mawgat is the first international audio/radio drama festival in Egypt, and it is an artistic platform aiming to communicate with the world, and present the best and latest audio drama work from Egypt and abroad.

The festival was conceptualized as part of a larger project, Audio Drama in Egypt, and it aims to enable the practice of audio drama creation. Through its first round in Cairo, we celebrate a number of pieces that were recently produced (9 Egyptian audio drama works), as well as rebroadcasting a number of heritage pieces that are significant to the history of the field nationally, as well as invite the audience to participate from home by creating their own pieces in the 2nd phase of the festival.

The festival was scheduled to take place for several days, but given the global circumstances and in order to preserve public safety and health, the project team chose to create this website to present the artistic creations and make it available to the public in Egypt and the world.

In addition to the festival, the Audio Drama in Egypt project succeeded in creating a sub-program that opens the way for young people who are eager to get to know this captivating world by setting up a group of trainings/workshops in the field of sound, radio montage, recording and writing in a number of Egyptian schools and NGOs in Cairo. This gave them the opportunity to practice this creative process, as a first step in learning and gaining knowledge of the field.

The project is a collaboration between Orient Productions and Studio Emad Eddin on one side, and International Arts Partnership (IAP) London on the other, with support from the European Union (EU) and British Council.

Mawgat Team

  • Ahmed El Attar

    General Manager of Orient Productions

  • Jonathan Banatvala

    Artistic Director of International Arts
    Partnership - IAP

  • Melanie Nock

    Executive Manager of International Arts
    Partnership - IAP

  • Heba Rifaat

    Project Coordinator

  • Sarah Fahmi

    Marketing Manager

  • Basma Hamed

    PR Manager

  • Ahmed Eman Zakaria

    Content Editor

  • Omar Elkafrawy

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Enas Abdelrahman

    Graphic Designer (Logo Design)

  • Salma Elkafrawy

    Graphic Designer (Website Design)

  • Engy Ahmed

    Graphic Designer

  • Ahmed Nagy

    Financial Manager

  • Ahmed Younis

    Voice Intro

  • Ahmed Elian

    Sound Designer and Producer

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