Mentoring programme for Young Producers

During the month of June 2019, the project sessions started after the preparations were done by the team. One of the main objectives of the project was to produce a new set of audio drama productions, with each radio track not exceeding 7 minutes.

And indeed, a group of Egyptian and foreign tutors trained a number of young Egyptian participants in the technicalities of creating a radio product, understanding the basics of the work in a radio studio, and sound techniques, as well as how to write and direct a radio text. Over a period of six months, between June and December 2019, the participants trained on all these elements, wrote their original texts, and had them reviewed by the tutors in order to record them.

The audio drama episodes were recorded within 3 days in a studio in Cairo, and the participants cooperated together by acting in each other’s works, which helped to improve their writing and acting skills, as well as understanding new dimensions in radio directing.

Recordings were made with the  assistance of Digital Sound Studios, Sound Engineers: Mustafa Hammouda, Mixing: Khaled Waked 


Enas Ibrahim Mohamed

A story of a microbus driver who finds a phone and does not give it to its owner, which exposes him to problems and implicates his family with the police.

Umm Meshmish: Reham Aziz, Al-Asta Mishmish: Ahmed Zakaria, Meshmish's Sister : Iman Safwat, Officer: Sherif Al Yemeni, : Radwan Sawan, Customer in microbus: Salma Al-Banna, Mobile owner: Heba Rifaat, Um Donia: Enas Ibrahim, Child 1: Dima Hussam, Child 2: Muhammad Tamer

The Will

Ola Al-Fuli

A story of a man who asks a female doctor to be a guardian of a boy, whom he knows that he is not his son.

The Patient "Fadel": Sherif Al Yemeni, The nurse: Ola El-Fouly, Doria: Ayman Safwat, Mayor Saleh: Ahmed Zakari

The Teacher Requesting a Decent Life

Nariman Muhammad Ali Mustafa

A teacher wakes up late one day, and so a series of unfortunate events fall upon him in a comedy setting, where he falls prey to the mother of one of his students.

Ibrahim's mother: Nariman Ali Mahmoud: Sherif Al Yemeni, Ibrahim: Muhammed Tamer, Mechanic: Radwan Sawan, Mr. Abdel Moaty: Ahmed Zakaria

Ali Mama

Salma El-Banna

A story based on the tale of Ali Baba, where Ali Mama, the wife of Ali Baba, decides to form a women’s gang to seize the treasure and the cave.

Ali Mama: Salma El-Banna, Ali Baba: Muhammad Ashraf, Mouse: Sherif Al Yemeni, Qasim: Radwan Sawan, Qesmat: Iman Safwat, Shakinaz: Hadeer Mustafa

Tragedy of a Demon

Sherif Mustafa Al Yemeni

A demon faces a problem, and so he asks for the help of a philosopher from the human species to solve it.

Philosopher: Sherif Al Yemeni, The Devil: Ahmed Zakaria, The philosopher's wife: Salma Al-Banna

My Day is Very Healthy

Ahmed Eman Zakaria

A young woman spends a day in a hospital to secretly monitor its quality, and is shocked by the carelessness and neglect she finds there.

Rawda: Ayman Safwat, Nurse: Enas Ibrahim, Security officer: Sharif Al Yemeni, Complaints Clerk: Hadeer Mustafa, Rawda's mother: Ola El-Fouly

Run, honey

Eman Safwat

A story of a girl who searches for her identity through her daily commute on the subway.

The metro girl: Iman Safwat, Tickets employee: Sharif Al Yemeni, Security Guard: Ahmed Zakaria, Friend of the metro girl: Akram Abdel Aziz, Passenger 1: Ola El-Fouly, Passenger 2: Reham Aziz, Passenger 3: Nariman Ali, Passenger 4: Heba Rifaat, Passenger 5: Asmaa Samir, Metro Announcer: Radwan Sawan, Metro Seller 1: Reham Aziz, Metro Seller 2: Enas Ibrahim, Beggar: Hadeer Mustafa

Poor For Love

Fahd Mohi

A story about a conversation between a man and his ex-girlfriend in which he is trying to find out why she left him.

Rick : Fahd Mohy, Claire : Yasmine Fahim

A Literary Quarrel

Reham Ezz El-Din

A quarrel between a young writer trying to publish her first book, and her husband, the famous writer, who does not see she has the talent.

Leila: Reham Aziz, Selim: Sherif Al Yemeni

Outreach Programme

The project succeeded in reaching another segment in order to widen the scope of spreading the culture of radio drama and discovering new talents. The project has communicated with a number of NGOs and schools in various areas of Cairo, such as: Jesuit Association, Banaty Foundation, BISC School, Tawasol NGO in Ezbet Khairallah, Mesh Madrasa NGO in Saft El Laban, and the Terres Des Hommes NGO with a group of Syrian citizens residing in the 10th of Ramadan district.

A series of intensive training sessions were held for students aged between 10-18 years old. The same training curriculum was delivered, like the one with the group of young artists in the first phase of the project. The main difference was that this project was more intensive and shorter in time, as the workshop duration was six hours in only one day.

A number of tutors participated in this program: Asmaa Samir, Abeer Suleiman, Lubna Abdel Aziz, Enas Sabry, Heba Mahmoud Fahmy and Reham Aziz.

Participant Names

Jesuit Association in Cairo

Youssef Sherif, Amr Amin, Farida Mohamed Abu Al Saud, Antonios Ashraf, Mohamed Abu Bakr Mohsen, Hassan Eid, Maryam Mustafa, Mai Osama Saleh, Adam Selim, Ahmed Tamer Ahmed, Mohamed Tamer Ahmed, Moataz Elwan, Yara, Maya, Ayah Mahmoud, Jane Mahmoud, Youssef Sharif, Mahmoud Ezzat, Kholoud Mahmoud.

Mesh Madrasa NGO

Nada, Basmala, Tariq, Ahmed, Salah, Mustafa, Menna, Collapsed, Genie, Yasmine.

Terres des Hommes

Ashraf Al-Hamoud, Lin Omar, Bayan Qasim, Mohammed Naguib, Nour Osama, Lana Muhammad, Reham Abdullah, Haya Kamel, Mahmoud Omar, Abdullah Ahmed.

The British International School in Cairo (BISC)

Zeina, Heba, Abdel-Rahman, Omar, Hana, Fayek, Youssef, Dania, Omar, Youssef, Shahd, Melenie, Yassen, Suleiman, Khadija, Karma.

Banaty Association

Mahda, Sherihan, Menna, Heba, Amal, Basmala.

Tawasol NGO

Malik, Ghada, Wala, Shahd, Ali, Basma, Donia, Amira, Muhammad, Fatimah, Aya, Mai, Mahmoud, Amira, Safaa, Sarah.

Special thanks to everyone who helped us in conducting the workshops.

Ms. Marian Nakhla

Jesuit Association in Cairo

Ms. Najwa Wafa

Mesh Madrasa NGO

Ms. Rayman Al-Nem

The British International School in Cairo (BISC)

Ms. Dina Maghrabi

Banaty Association

Ms. Fekreya

Tawasol NGO

Mr. Amr Youssef Mourad

Terres des Hommes