Sounds Like A Whisper

Conducted by: Erik Altorfer

A youth project presented by a group of writers and journalists from Egypt and Syria , in which they attempted to document personal experiences related to alienation, unity, identity, war, borders, death, emigration and destiny.

With their honest voices, these people narrate those stories, so that we can get closer to them and see how every visualization is reflected by their tones. The project produced 9 audio drama pieces available online.

This project was an outcome of a workshop under the same name that was part of the activities of Theater is a Must festival, in its sixth edition. It was facilitated by the director and dramaturge Erik Altorfer, and with the support of the Swiss Cultural Foundation – Pro Helvetia

Maryam and Maria (Scene 1)

Omar Tawfiq

Maryam and Maria are two government employees, one of them tells the other that her boyfriend finally confessed his love to her after three years of waiting. Her friend replies with assuptions about what will happen.

Guest Room (Scene 2)

Omar Tawfiq

The “Omda” or the mayor of a small village by the Nile is telling his wife about his “national project” of building a new guest house and how this is important and useful for the village. The wife however thinks this is a waste of money and resources. The mayor accuses her of being stupid and not understanding the objectives of the project and how he, her husband, will control the whole village.

The Jasmine's Alienation

Amany Adel

A monologue about the stories of Amany Adel’s family and their migration during the 1967 war, the influence this war and migration had on them, their memory and how it formed their identity later. Amany Adel narrates how these stories she heard as a child made her search for meanings, redefining them: migration and the effect of losing home during the time of war on people, like what happened in Port Said during the 1956 war called «The Triple Aggression». She decides to have a voice and narrate this old story.

Escape To Disaster

Nisreen Nour

A young female Syrian photographer is trying to escape the war. Two flashes of a monodrama.

Athar and Iraqi

Sherif Mahmoud

Two eyewitnesses reflect the current political and economic conflicts in the Arab world.


Iman Safwat

From Alexandria to Cairo is a long journey between two cities. Traffic and noise, non-stop movement. Walking between cars because there is no pavement, this makes you dream of a spacious place without people fighting. I am talking about a small journey inside myself, away from the dust, to the sea of Alexandria and the loving arms of my mother.

She is holding a bucket and waiting for you on the shore

Reham Ezz El-Din

A postponed conversation between two people, more of a confrontation: telling each other old secrets that were not exposed before.

The Stranger's Mask

Rasha Shaheen

Two Syrian girls in a distant city, one is thinking about traveling and the other came to stay. Both of them are facing the same difficulties and wear the same mask, the mask of the stranger who tries to hide his suffering from the others. Based on a poem by the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy who lived in Alexandria.

Another Try

Hemat Mustafa

A long expected attempt to have another chance in a relationship – without blaming and scolding