The Adventures of Noussa in Marsa Alam - Episode No. 3

Written and Directed By: Nada Thabet

The story of Noussa, Zarif, and their colleagues who traveled to Marsa Alam in order to get to know the fascinating world of the sea, and watch coral reefs and marine animals such as the turtle and the crab and others. In this episode, Noussa and Zarif dive into the Red Sea and discover the world of marine animals. Episodes are for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

Mawgat Playtime! Noussa's Adventures in Marsa Alam is made by Nada Safwat for children to enjoy with their parents. We put together this booklet as a fun addition to the already fun experience of listening to the story told in the piece.

Nada Thabet

Project Writer and Director

Managing and Artistic director of Noon Creative Enterprise, Nada holds a BA in Psychology and Theater from The American University in Cairo (AUC), and an MA from Goldsmith University of London in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. Following multiple schools of Interactive theatre, Sabet has been, for over a decade, creating shows in Arabic for Egyptian audiences in all its different segments, adults, youth and children. Her latest creation The Adventures of Noussa, is a series of stories about four friends who embark on adventures all over Egypt, learning all about its history, geography and geology as well as learning to find information, problem solve and experience the imagination they can create.

Project Team

  • Mohib Safa

    Sound Engineer

  • Mukhtar ElSayeh

    Sound Design and Mixing

  • Noon Creative Enterprise, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Cairo



  • Yara Gibran

    Playing the role of "Miss Inshirah"

  • Sherine Hegazy

    Playing the role of "Noussa"

  • Bora

    Playing the role of "Zarif"

  • Ahmed El-Sawy

    Playing the role of the "sea turtle"

  • Hana Seif El Nasr

    Playing the role of "Student 1"

  • Amr Al-Abd

    Playing the role of "Student 2"