Enjoy & create.


Listen to the two recordings, choose one of them and download it.

Get to know this recording well and unleash your imagination with the sounds. Sound recording is your white page through which your creative process begins. The recording is made up of a collection of abstract sounds that you will build from your radio story.


Write your story.

Deal simply with the matter, and receive any idea that comes through even if they seem strange, or a story that you experienced before, or an idea that you want to talk about with other people, or a problem that you want to highlight .. All ideas are possible.


Set the story rhythm on the sounds.

Try listening to the story unfold with the sounds .. is it an uplifting or a sad story? Is it a story that needs a quiet or a tense sound? Try to find the perfect narration that merges the concept of the story with the essence of the soundtrack.


Record your audio tracks.

If you know a sound engineer, you can collaborate with him/her .. If you do not have a sound engineer among your acquaintances, there is an easy way to record your story .. You can record the story on your phone and play the sound recording on another device .. Make sure to play the narration in conjunction with the sound. Don’t worry about sound quality, the most important thing is to produce and enjoy your stories.


Share your creations with us.

The first way is to share your creation with us by sending it to this email: info@mawgatfestival.com and the second way is through social media using the following hashtags: #Mawgat #AudioDrama

Submissions from fellow creatives