Tutors of the Outreach Programme

Abeer Suleiman

Abeer is a creative storyteller and writer. She’s a scriptwriter and also does script doctoring for various TV series and movies. She’s a theatre actress and the director of Le Caire for the Arts, an arts production company based in Egypt where she led storytelling workshops with communities of women who have suffered domestic abuse in collaboration with CARE international.

Asmaa Samir

Asmaa is a Radio presenter, director, dubbing and voice over artist. She is also a Mass Communication professor at El Ahram University. Asmaa has contributed to the training of the group since September 2019, where she took part in working on the texts since the beginning of writing, to modify and develop them for the radio medium, and she also contributed to the process of recording the texts in the studio last December.

Lubna Shaheen

Assistant Director in Egyptian cinema, and a dubbing director who has done a dubbing project for Disney and other international platforms, and has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of voiceover. Lubna participated in tutoring the students from Tawasol NGO. She believes that it was a very fruitful well organized experience. Lubna hopes that this project will be repeated on a wider scale in many more Egyptian governorates.

Enas Sabry

Enas graduated from the Faculty of Media, Cairo University and is currently working on her Master’s thesis on the relationship of cartoon films and series with the behavior of preschool children. She works in the Egyptian Media Company, as the director of the artistic and creative team, and supervises and produces many international artistic projects, as well as selecting characters who perform artistic roles in dubbing many international cartoon films such as: Angry Birds 2, Hotel Transylvania and Smurfs, among others. She also acts and performs dubbing in many films.

Heba Mahmoud Fahmy

Sound engineer, translator, and manager of artistic projects in the field of dubbing. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media Department from Ain Shams University. Then she started her career as a director of an audio studio, and worked in the Egyptian Media Company for ten years, and a few years ago she went to learn sound engineering in more depth. Heba translates Mickey Mouse films, and in sound engineering she has worked with major entities such as Netflix, Disney, DreamWorks.

Reham Aziz

Writer, journalist and trainer in the field of education, Reham holds a master’s degree in education. She participated in a previous audio drama project entitled (Voices Like Whispers). About her experience in the project, Reham learned about the process of producing audio drama, collaborated with a group of people from a variety of backgrounds, and discovered that she has the ability to act. She considers the audio writing experience a new and enjoyable challenge.